Financial Hardship? You have options.

Financial hardship and the need for liquidation is the number one reason why homeowners are forced to dispose of their properties. If you are facing financial issues, credit card debt, debt default, job loss, divorce, bad tenants, retirement, in need of relocation or even bankruptcy, don’t worry. We can help find a solution, and maybe even keep you in your house. Or, we can buy your house fast and even help you find a new place! There are many options for those in financial hardship but no matter which direction you wind up going, we are here to help guide that process while making sure you have all of the facts.

Call Us First

Many real estate investors our there will attempt to coerce you into a situation that is not best for your goals. At Door&Key, we strive to find the best solution for you (even if that means referring you to a partner or not going with us). We want the best for you and always keep your interests in mind.

If you have a deteriorating property that you want to get rid of, or if you just need to sell fast, you are in for some good news. Door&Key can buy your property as-is and can pay for any repair costs if required. We buy houses in any condition, without you having to pay for repairs, maintenance, or rehab. We won’t say your house is “ugly”. How rude! It just needs some love and TLC. That’s why we are here.

Call us today for a free consultation to see what options are available. 833-387-7433


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